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DL Industrial Handhelds
PowerScan PM8300 Cordless Industrial Laser Bar Code Reader
Prices start at $790.00

The PowerScan 8000 product series is Datalogic Scanning's premium line of rugged industrial handheld data collection products - The PowerScan PM8300 cordless laser scanner offers the richest feature set among Datalogic's industrial handheld product offerings.

PM8300 USB Kit, Scanner, Base/Charger, USB Cable, P/S with US Plug $790.00
PowerScan PD8300 Industrial Handheld Laser Bar Code Reader
Prices start at $413.00

The PD8300 reader features Datalogic's exclusive 3 Green Lights (3GLTM) for superior good read feedback - The patented 'Green Spot' directly on the code, and dual Good Read LEDs on the top and back of the cap add increased visibility at any angle - Superior reading performance is enhanced by Datalogic's patented PuzzleSolverTM technology for fast and accurate reading of standard, poorly printed and damaged codes.

Powerscan PD8330 USB Kit, Laser, USB Cable $413.00
Powerscan PD8330 USB Kit, Auto Range Laser, USB Cable $575.00
PowerScan PD7100 Industrial Linear Imager
Prices start at $324.00

The PowerScan D7100 linear imaging corded reader combines rugged durability and extremely snappy reading performance all at an affordable price - Datalogic Scanning's innovative and unique optical design of the PowerScan 7100 series of readers combines scanner features that are normally available on different scanner models into a single device: up to 3 mils maximum code resolution; contact to about 3.0 m / 9.8 ft reading distance; and wide angle code reading - The result is a versatile, easy to use and intuitive scanner that simplifies any code reading activity.

PowerScan PD9500 Industrial Handheld 2D Imaging Bar Code Reader
Prices start at $414.00

Warehouses, logistic centers and manufacturing plants depend on speed and reliability when managing goods and tracking merchandise in order to improve efficiency while reducing costs - Datalogic's PowerScanTM PD9500 area imager, the latest generation of rugged 2D area imagers, is the perfect answer for these applications.