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In 1975 RJS developed the first bar code verifier - Since that time we have continued to be the forerunner in the bar code quality assurance arena - Other industry firsts include our 1977 analytical bar code verification system for assuring the quality of film masters; introduction and patent of our Auto-Optic scan head for ANSI verification standards in 1994, and a wide range of patented and proprietary technologies in subsequent years - Among these are patents relating to on-line verification and hand held laser verifiers.

Inspector Model D4000
Prices start at $2100.00

The Model D4000 Provides the Two Most Popular Types of Verification; ANSI Method and/or Point-and-Shoot Traditional Method

This unique portable bar code verifier can interface with either the patented RJS Auto-Optic scan head or a laser scanner to provide nine different optic configurations.